Monday, October 10, 2011

Counting God's Unending Gifts

Even with a discouraging, tough week where it seemed to only rain on my life there were blessings from God to be found.....even if I had to look a little harder.

His unending gifts.....

broken transmissions
driving a stick....alone....for the first time ever without issue
leaf rubbings
chocolate cupcakes
movies from my childhood
skypeing with my love
intense loneliness
crafting supplies in the mail

1 comment:

  1. thankful that you are counting the hard eucharisteo... sometimes it seems difficult to remember that joy will come. praying that you continue to see the small in the midst of it all... and praying that in your lonliness you will comfort in Him alone.
    ~ ~ ~ ~
    i really, really like you blog title. it is so perfect ((i too am on a journey towards a simple, intentional life))

    His blessings to you & yours,