Saturday, October 15, 2011

Unprocessed Challenge: Week Two

This week was a little harder for us in eating unprocessed. Life intervened and so there were a few slips. But I would rather feed my kids a cheeseburger than risk a meltdown in the middle of running a zillion errands. And the chocolate cupcake decorating session with my littles was one I wasn't going to pass up.

So, other than those two times we are doing incredibly well at eating at home and not filling ourselves full of junk. It's given me more energy and it's been so fun to check out some of the recipes that others are making. And the money we save by making it and eating at home is great.

For some more inspiration on your unprocessed, whole foods journey check out these great reads....

So glad my kids will eat anything and love to be around me in the kitchen. Really, I need to embrace that more.

Zombies make everything more interesting. :)

Really need to get back on track with meal planning. I don't think my kids will want pasta.....again.
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