Friday, October 28, 2011

Unprocessed Challenge: Weeks Three and Four

Well, the last couple weeks were more difficult for us to eat completely unprocessed. We had two soccer end of season parties to attend along with a busier than normal schedule. Aside from those few times though we did well.

Taking part in the unprocessed challenge this month has taught me a few lessons. First, cooking from scratch doesn't take too much extra time. We eat pretty much homemade most of the time, but not having the option of going out really made me work at cooking at home and reminded me that a extra five minutes won't kill me.

Second, cooking double (or more) batches saves time and sanity. With three little ones, a busy schedule, and hubby deployed I need to streamline life as much as possible. If I make a double batch then on those nights I really don't want to cook we have an easy meal that is so much healthier than a tv dinner.

Third, eating unprocessed for an entire month really helped boost my energy and health. Not having all the junk in my system honestly gave me more energy and has helped me not get sick when every other person we know has been hit with the first cold of winter. Maybe it was cutting out all the high fructose syrup or preservatives I don't know.

Fourth, it ended up saving us money. Most of the time people think that processed food is cheaper, but with rising food costs companies are lowering the amount of food in a product and increasing the price. It ended up being more cost effective to just buy the basic ingredients and make it myself.

I really enjoyed this challenge and I think I am going to try to continue on with it. Really, with the news we got today we kind of have to, but that is another post.

For some more encouragement check out eating rules. There is a wealth of information there and I love the three simple rules he eats by.

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