Saturday, October 8, 2011

Weekend Links

(my fun for the week....some bows I repaired, knitting, and my MAKE board)

Homeschool Mistakes :: Simple Homeschool
As we move into our second term I am aiming to work on some issues that developed first term. These posts have been great for getting some perspective and "mentoring."

Our family is taking part in the unprocessed challenge this month and so far it has been great. Eating Rules is full of encouragement and great info.

Why Christians are Happy Anyway :: A Holy Experience
We are His bride and with that knowledge should be full of overflowing joy.

When the Day Takes All of You :: Heart of the Matter
Being the only parent at the moment means my days are so very full. Loving this reminder to take time for solitude and Christ.

And because I can't get enough of knitting (and reading) inspiration these days you really must check out Ginny's yarn along.

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