Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Yarn Along :: October 26

Our schedule was crazy this past week, but I managed to plug away at both my knitting and reading goals.

Still working on the dolls (need to get some filler material to stuff them with. That would be so much easier if there were a Joann's or something here. Guess I will have to do some exploring to find a craft store here in Germany. Fun.) and the wrap. The yarn for the wrap is so incredibly soft....there are times I get a tad distracted by the softness. Can't wait until it's done so I can wrap myself up in the coziness.

As for the books, The Tehran initiative was finished within a couple days of checking it out. Great read and a nice break from all the non-fiction I've been plowing through. Partway through both Simplicity Parenting and Grace for the Good Girl. Both of these are wonderful books and I am getting so much out of them.

After these are finished I think I am going back to my one book, one project rule. It allows me to focus so much better and retain more of what I am reading or learning. Well, the small man is still sleeping so I am off to hopefully get a couple more rows done on my wrap.


  1. I hope you got a few more rows knitted and you find a craft store! I spend way to much time in mine.

  2. My niece was a military wife and complained of the same thing. :-(

    I hope you find some stuffing material for the dolls.

    Love the candle in your picture. That is my favorite fall scent.