Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Yarn Along :: October 5

I have been working my way through the book The Chicks with Sticks Guide to Knitting. It is an amazing book packed with so much information. And the directions are so clear and precise. (and as of right now pretty much the only book I am reading. Too many on my booklist and I can't decide which to read now) Now, I love creating and for me knitting is one of the easier, more relaxing ways to do so. Until I saw my next project. This could challenge my very basic skills.

I am making, well will be once my yarn gets here, the most gorgeous urban wrap. But in order to do so I have to increase. The basic stitches I have down. Now there is something new and a bit challenging. What if I completely wreck what I am trying to create? I am going to forge ahead though and just keep practicing. At least by the time my yarn gets here I should be a pro at increasing. Right?

In addition to working on increasing I am going to make super cute knit dolls. The pattern is for beginner knitter's like me so I don't foresee any catastrophes. I am planning on making the whole family of dolls and then sending some off to my little niece for her birthday. Now I just have to be sure to not get distracted by all the other fun crafting ideas over at wee folk art.


  1. Good luck with your projects!

  2. wee folk art does have tons of gems don't they? i wish i knew someone who would love those dolls!


  3. erin i wish i could be of help to you, increases are totally doable and not complicated, you'll see. has some good videos and youtube does too. but there are many so find the one your comfortable with.

  4. Lori ann: Thanks for the great resources. I have been working at it and it doesn't seem too hard...just kind of awkward.

    Lisa: Thanks!