Sunday, November 27, 2011

Weekend Links :: November 27

No links this weekend (our family has been battling the plague), just some food for thought.....

As you pull out those Thanksgiving leftovers, there is so much more to be thankful for than just the perfect turkey sandwich.

Let's start with sweet potatoes! Besides being delicious, the orange-fleshed sweet potatoes that were on most American tables this Thanksgiving are rich in vitamin A and play an important role in protecting our eyesight.

Sadly for the 127 million pre-school children and 7 million pregnant women who are vitamin A deficient, not everyone is so lucky. In Africa most sweet potatoes are the white variety lacking almost all beta-carotene that the orange sweet potatoes contain and therefore fail to be a source of vitamin A.

In the U.S. it is easy to forget how serious vitamin A deficiency can be. Each year, it is estimated that 670,000 children will die from vitamin A deficiency and 350,000 will go blind. Almost all of these children are in Africa and Southeast Asia.

Approximately 60 children per hour go blind because of vitamin A deficiency. That means in the time it took to defrost and cook the average 15-pound turkey 4,560 children went blind from vitamin A deficiency.

Learn more about how we can protect the sight and health of children and pregnant women all around the world. Head to Million Moms Challenge.

(information taken from email received from million moms challenge.)

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