Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesdays Unwrapped

all that 's missing is the small man wreaking havoc :)

The clutter, piles, cramped spaces, and general mess that typically annoy me are evidence of a full, well lived life. Rather than complain that we don't have enough storage space or tell the kids to pickup for the umpteenth time I still myself and quiet my tongue. Instead, I enjoy the mess (knowing it won't be here forever) and enjoy the life I have in this moment.

head over to chatting at the sky for more unwrapping of gifts


  1. "evidence of a full, well lived life." What a nice way to think of it.

    (stopping by from Chatting at the Sky)

  2. great perspective. from my end of things, it goes fast. I'm in the midst of teenaged mess over here...thanks for the reminder.