Monday, December 12, 2011

Counting God's Unending Gifts :: December 12

from almost two years ago :)

More of His poured out graces......

snow still holding off
shots made
finding unity once again
the car whole.....again (praying it stays that way)
an angry mob of smurfs
childhood memories
listening to little ones sing la-la-lalala
{lots} of extra sleep to fight off flu
twinkling tree lights
wrapping gifts
a new pack of toilet paper
talking with the landlord live in the moment
to cherish the sweet children
to speak with grace


  1. a new pack of toilet paper! hehe!

  2. Reminders to live in the moment--that's what it is for me. Enjoyed your list. Had to smile at the toilet paper:)

  3. twinkling lights and wrapping gifts-love the sparkle of the season- and grateful for the One who is Light and Life and Gift! Blessings to you from Uganda