Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day in the Life

Over at Simple Homeschool all month has been a peek at other's days. This week it's the readers turn. So, since I love looking into how others make it all work I thought I would share a glimpse of one of our not so crazy days. Enjoy!

At 6 am the alarm goes off. No way that I am making it out of bed. Rough night. Back to sleep I go.

720 rolls around. Give cash to my love for lunch since I didn't make it. Then out to shovel snow. It's cold. Really cold.

Back inside to get ready for the day. No time for insanity since I slept in. (Is it sad when 720 is sleeping in?) Oh, and no hot water so no shower for this mama. Crazy old house.

8am Kids up. Breakfast, Bible reading, and chores.

Although while making tea I realize they sprinted through the chores. Ponder ways to get them to focus on them without being an ogre about it.

9am Start school.....on time. That's been a struggle lately with illness and appointments galore.

Get little man (age 6) set up with his school. Start to cover history with the girl (age 9) but have to stop multiple times to fix Tim's (age 2) truck, stop his mass destruction of everything, and wipe noses. Hoping some information on WW1 sunk in. :) Finish history, move on to language arts, math, science.

1030am Kids work independently for a bit. Laundry put away. Attempt to create some order from the mess that was created since breakfast. Wipe more noses and change little Tim.

11am Geography and German. Interrupted by phone call, crying baby, and potty breaks. A meltdown from Jaden ensues.....over a flag. These kids amuse me at times. He heads to bed to rest until lunch.

1230pm Lunch. Finally. Read to the kids from our current book. Maybe we'll finish it this week.

1pm Boys down for a nap. Madison finishes up her school work and moves on to crafty endeavors. Mama makes her tea and does a few tasks around the house (like starting the washer that I apparently forgot about this am). Correct school work and am surprised to find that it's all done.

Actually have a few minutes of time to myself so I get online to work on a couple things and read a few blogs. Read about the Justice Conference and wish we still lived in the States. Decide to console myself with book and yarn purchases.

330pm Outside to play in the snow.

4pm Back in to warm up. Try to figure out dinner. Not enough time for the trigona. Hmmmm.
Kids do their chores for the day then have free time.

5pm Eat....quickly.

6pm Basketball for Madison. I knit a bit. Then off to Dad's playoff games.

8pm Finally home, kids in bed, and rather than relax I prep for tomorrow's drive to Trier and the Mutterhaus for Tim's pre-surgery appointment. Hoping all the kids are on their best behavior.

And that is a peek at our life. The days are a bit crazy and full, but I love getting to live this life with my sweet ones.


  1. My favorite line: "Decide to console myself with book and yarn purchases." And brrr I do not envy you the snow shoveling. Nice day.

  2. From one ogre to another, I hear ya!

    Melyssa from www.thedazeofus.blogspot.com

  3. Sounds like a great day. Minus the snow! :)

    Thanks for sharing!