Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Beginning

2011 was a crazy year. It was full of new experiences, major stress, absences and homecomings (multiple times), a move across the world, and change....lots of it. Trying to go from one crisis to another and adjust to the curve balls that life kept throwing kept me from living in an intentional, simple, God-honoring way.

Anger, resentment, busyness, irritation took center stage. There was no time for enjoying relationship with family or Christ. Shortcuts were taken. Rather than live the way I feel led I took the easy way out. And in the end our whole family suffered.

All I could focus on this past year was I was feeling, how unfair life was, etc. Not good.

This year, Lord willing, my aim is to focus on what truly, relationship, simple and intentional living. My precious family needs a happy, peaceful, content mama. Not some ogre who stomps around bemoaning life.

On that note I have chosen two words for this year to help me continually work towards my main focus.

Grace and Present.

Grace for myself and those around me. Being present in the moment....not looking ahead constantly to the next thing.

Life is fleeting. I want to fully live this life God has blessed me with. So I intend to work (with God's help) towards living a graceful life present in all the moments for 2012.

What is your word(s) for this coming year?

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