Monday, February 20, 2012

How Many Bibles Can a Girl Read?

Really, how many Bibles does one family need? Yeah, there are five of us but pretty sure we don't need as many as we have. So, inspired by Amy I decided to see how many we really have.

Well, just in this picture there are eleven. Add in the one my honey takes to work, the one on my ipod, and the two I found in a nightstand later and our total comes to 15. Fifteen Bibles. And all of them are NIV. There's not even any variety. Kind of made me realize how selfish we really are...especially since most of them sit on the shelf since we each have our favorite that we read all the time.

And so, in response to the revelation of how blessed with God's Word we are our little family will be making a donation to One Verse to share that blessing with others. And maybe donating a few of these Bibles to those around us who could use them. It's better than using them as dust collectors.

And if you haven't yet....head over to Make me a Mary and read Amy's post that inspired my Bible hunt.

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