Wednesday, February 1, 2012


The blows......verbal, emotional, physical.....dominated my first love. Eventually all self-worth was gone. How could someone possibly love me? Over and over it was demonstrated that I was worthless, had no value.

In the darkness of those years my back was turned to true love......Christ love. How could He possibly love me? All the mixed up, scarred, ugly me?

Through the darkness His hand reached out. Not in a way I ever would have expected, but He showed me love. My {now} husband accepted me bruises, insecurities, baggage, all the crazy ugly I tried so hard to hide. And his love demonstrated Christ's love to me.

There will always be scars from the past. In moments of doubt, of feeling value-less He shows His love for me by bringing me security, unconditional love, acceptance from my sweet love. He has blessed me with a man who chooses to live out the Biblical mandate for marriage and by that has shown me Christ. The blows are gone.....replaced only with love.

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