Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yarn Along :: February 22

Yeah, the needle snapped the middle of a row. :{

Due to a slight catastrophe the pillow is on hold. So thankful for the great customer service at knitpicks. Now to hurry up and wait for my needles to arrive.

With no pillow to knit I decided to find a quick project to use some of the goods I had on hand and so I am working on a little knit bag. It's supposed to be felted, but my crazy washer locks and won't open until the end of the wash so I am going with it unfelted.

Still slowly digesting Simplicity Parenting. So much good information in there that takes a bit to process. Hoping to finish it up within the next couple days so I can move on to my books for Lent.

Maybe by next week both projects and books will be done? :)

For more inspiration head to small things.


  1. Oh my goodness, this is the second time I have heard of this happening. I am glad to hear that customer service was able to help.

  2. I have had that happen with many knitpicks cords(more times than I care to admit)-- but I love my needle so I will knit on and they are so great with customer service. A bit of gorilla blue will work wonders. You could felt by hand? There are many good tutorials out there

  3. Oh no!

    I've had one of their cables come loose from the needle just one time. Like you said, thank goodness for their great customer service. I got a new needle free of charge.

  4. My washer locks, but I just let it cycle through to the end. It still works fine. I suppose you might have trouble if you really need to keep an eye on how much it shrinks.

  5. Aw, sorry about your needle. But Knit Picks customer service is great, isn't it? One of my Harmony needles didn't thread properly when it arrived, and when I called Knit Picks, they sent a new one out promptly and without any charge.