Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Searching for Stones

Anyone who has ever read anything about time management has probably heard about the activity where you place some stones in a jar, then small pebbles, then sand, then water. All of these items are to represent the activities or priorities in your life.

I love this simple illustration. When life is filled with the lesser, the not necessary then the good and important are crowded out. Unfortunately in my life I have been filling my jar with all the sand and pebbles first. So, the jar has been dumped out in order to be refilled.

Before the filling though I had to let go of the notion that I can do everything. I had to let go of comparison with others. I had to surrender to God's plan for my life and family. Not easy things mind you, but necessary. So, after some thought and prayer here are.....

My big rocks {the must haves in life}.....

Christ--there must be time with Him daily and preferably first thing. For me, starting with some prayer always makes my day go more smoothly than if I just jump in head first. And then incorporating some hard stops throughout my day to refocus on Him, gain strength and patience.
{this first one is so important. as a perfectionist with a bit of ocd I can easily be sidetracked by my to-dos and let the truly important things slide.}

Relationship--being present, setting aside the to-do list to focus on my family and friends and build those relationships is so much more important than if I mop the floor on Wednesday like I plan. Really, it is.

Homeschool--our children's education is not something we want to do casually. We are teaching and training them for their future and take it seriously. This is one of the non-negotiables of our day.....even if we only get in a bit of reading and a field trip.

Social Justice--helping those who are trapped in poverty, who must do with less or without, who are forced to serve others is a passion God has placed on our family. Finding ways to serve and minister are part of our daily life and something that we make a priority.

Exercise--depression stalks me daily and if I am able to get some sort of physical activity {running is best for me} than I am much better able to fight off those dark feelings.

Outdoors--getting outside each day helps us fight off some of the lurking germs, get some vitamin d, enjoy the beauty of where we live. Plus, it's just fun to play with the kids and see how happy they get while climbing trees or eating dirt. :)

All the rest, the pebbles and sand, are things like knitting, reading, time spent online, etc. As long as my priorities are in place and I am making sure to take care of my biggies each day then all else will fall into place.

Now I am off to fill a jar with some rocks and dirt to have a visual reminder to focus on the big rocks for a more peaceful, joy-filled day. Cause well, I need it.

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  1. Bravo!! So nicely put. Spring seems the time to reorganize, freshen up, and clean up--but if you have prioritized nothing else really matters. Think I'll go fill a jar, too!!!