Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yarn Along :: March 14

sorry for the pooor quality....taken with my phone early this am. The yarn is a deep purple and then a dark lavendar. )

Well, not a ton of knitting going on here. I did cast on for the front of the pillow, but am needing to wind one of the skeins of the alternating color so I can make some progress. And even though I am still slowly plugging away at the pillow I did go out and buy the needed supplies to knit me up a pair of socks. But first that darned yarn winding.

I have been plowing through Simplicity Parenting this week. It's been a crazy few weeks and our rhythm has turned to chaos. Between the house, schedule, and schooling being a mess this {attempting to not be so} perfectionist mama is devouring all I can read on restoring rhythm and balance to our home.

For more inspiration head to small things.


  1. Well your yarn is very pretty! I hope you re-establish rhythms soon :)

  2. Pretty purples! Some weeks feel crazier than others...hoping you feel peace in your soon!