Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Yarn Along :: March 28

Only a bit of progress on the knitting this week. It's been beautiful here in western Germany and so most of our time has been spent enjoying the outdoors.

Still reading You're Already Amazing along with many others over at (in)courage. It's the book club selection this time around and the videos are a great supplement to the book. And I am also reading Six Ways to Keep the "Little" in Your Girl. Great read so far and I think it will be good food for thought as my daughter moves into the tween years. {I hate that term by the way....she is still just a little girl. Must we force these little ones into a category? That will happen soon enough as they move out in this world. Anyway....}

For more inspiration head to small things.


  1. oh I agree with you about the "categories"! We don't allow the word teenager in our house.....we just have young adults! Your knitting looks lovely!!!

  2. What a gorgeous purple yarn!! And I am wanting to read that book...Six Ways to Keep the Little in your Little Girl! That is my number one keep them little as long as I possibly can! The world forces them to grow up way too fast!!

  3. What a great-sounding book- I have a three-going-on-ninety-three year old living with us ;)) Your knitting looks so very soft, and I lust love the colours. We have had sun this week too- yippee!!
    ~Emily (

  4. I'm with you- "tween" is a terrible word. It's like forcing them to be teens sooner.
    The purple looks great!