Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yarn Along :: March 7

After a week break from knitting I finally got some time this weekend to fit some in. Yay! Other than some finishing touches the felted bag is finished. The little miss that it's for will love it. My replacement needles finally arrived and so I am back at work on the pillow. A couple more inches and the back is done. Really excited to start on the front with all it's color changes. Hopefully will start to cast on for my sweater now that the yarn is in.

As for reading, Simplicity Parenting was put on hold while I plowed through a stack of books from the library. Gotta love when all the holds come in at once. :) Read The Help, The Litigators, and Home Front. Great reads. And now I am back to the parenting book and my stash of new knitting books.

Head to small things for more inspiration.


  1. Wow, great reading! I enjoyed Simplicity Parenting. Have fun working on your pillow :)

  2. I love your bag-- felting is fun. It feels magical, almost--turning something into something using only water--cool, huh? I just knit up 2 shamrock barrettes for my girls and I felted them- they went by fast! I have been trying to read simplicity parenting a couple of times but I haven't been able to pick up it up at the library when it is free(and it has been held twice for me!) Home Front--so good!! My daughter is reading it now(for school) and she loves it! The Help--again so good(we own 2 copies!) I could re-read it every year- I do think I will do that :) The Litigators-- I haven;t heard of it but I will check it out! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the comments. I don't have anyone little to knit for anymore but I adore knitting for little ones. Quite addicted actually! I am knitting my sweaters for charity- I am sending my finished items to I can;t wait to see what you read nnext week(and knit!)

  3. Oh I know what you mean about library holds! I was so relieved today when I found out I could renew all the ones I have out right now! (I was afraid someone else would have been waiting and I wouldn't be able to.)