Thursday, April 26, 2012

Five Minute Friday :: Community

All through my childhood I just knew I would live in my hometown my whole life staying where it was comfortable and everyone was known. And then I met my honey and we moved away. The military likes to do that.

Everything was new.....home, neighborhood, state, friends. And even though it took time, it worked. My closest relationships were formed. Bonds were made that are far stronger than where we live.

And then another move, this time overseas. More newness. A whole lot more. And no friends, no fellowship, no shoulder to cry on when you need it. That nine hour difference kind of makes it difficult. So new relationships, new bonds must be formed.

It's not an easy thing to leave all you know, all the relationship, the closeness but it's such a fantastic experience too. Now those bonds stretch around the world.

Joining up at gypsy mama.


  1. I wrote about our military life too...I hope you have found some community wherever you are today :)

    1. I will definitely need to check out your post. I love getting others perspectives on military life.

  2. I read Pattie's post right before yours and I must say that it is amazing what you women do. I pray you find community and are blessed in each and every move.