Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Power of Yes

Yes does not come easily.

The no prevents mess when they want to create and craft. Keeps the kids from bouncing around after a sugary snack. Allows me finish up one more task while they go off to do something alone. Doesn't let them zone out in front of video games (even though they've been cooped up due to rain and would really love to just bounce around in front of the kinect). Helps to maintain my sanity when they request to do something that just irks me or inconveniences me or what have you.

But no also crushes little ones hearts. It squashes creativity. It puts tasks, to-dos ahead of relationship. With no there is no nurture, no connection.

And so, yes is making a comeback in our home.

Saying yes to creating.....even if it means we have to spend some extra time cleaning up later. The joy when they proudly display their work is worth it.

Saying yes to reading or coloring or whatever with them.....even though I know I'll have extra work to do once they are in bed. They are only mine for a short time and I want to cherish them.

Saying yes to walking in the rain, baking something delicious, or just plain talking. Relationship is paramount and needs to be nurtured. They need to be lavished in my love and attention.

Cause really, I don't want to look back when they are grown and gone and wish that I had said yes. 
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  1. Well said. Being an appropriate "Yes Mom" can be a difficult hurdle to cross. Now that our girls our older, I wish I had said yes more. It is good to see moms of younger children posing that question while their kids are still young!

    1. Finding that balance is hard and for perfectionist me it's really hard to let go and let them be kids. But in saying yes our lives have become so much richer.

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    1. Enjoy saying really is freeing.