Monday, May 21, 2012

Counting God's Unending Gifts :: May 21

The past week was filled with interruptions, inconveniences, weird rashes, military exercises. Nothing that was planned went according to plan. This space where I can get my thoughts out remained silent.

The only way to survive the week was to cling to Him and vent to Him.....not facebook or friends or blog. It all was poured out to Him. And in that turning to Him grace was poured out.

And in all the crazy there was an element of peace. How God's plan is always infinitely better than mine showed through. All that He gives was abundantly clear and dearly appreciated.

So much gratitude for all that He freely gives......

helping hands
watching the man live part of his dream
new tires
registered cars....finally
hail and farewell
snuggly littles
lemon Germany!
freshly turned earth
flash from the past
quiet moments early in the morning
dirt under nails
God's words penetrating soul deep

1 comment:

  1. we are neighbors today...oh yes...cling and vent...He is faithful to meet us there...blessings to you~