Thursday, May 10, 2012

Five Minute Friday :: Identity

For years I hated sharing that I stayed home to care for my precious ones. That I sacrificed all the dreams and plans to care for them first. And it wasn't others was my own. The frustration, tiredness, anger (at times) that my identity was fully and completely wrapped up in them.

But miracles were worked in......

chubby little boy hugs
sweet smiles straight from naptime
the crazy stories created by the oldest
the random gifts for "the best mommy ever"
cuddling on the couch
chasing them around the yard
the beauty of watching them grow

Just in experiencing the small, ordinary moments of life with them I saw how infinitely blessed I am. My heart swelled with love, joy, peace with the identity I have.....Mama. And I wouldn't change it for anything. 

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  1. marvelous learning to find joy in the mamaness of life.

  2. I was also blessed to be home with my children. That was my identity and I never longed for more!

  3. What a blessing to be called mama! I rejoice with you!

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  4. It is such a process isn't it?... a process of discovering what life is truly about, and God uses motherhood to help us see.

    Beautiful miracles..

  5. Amen! Although I have to tell you that it's important to be you, who YOU are in Christ, too, because they do grow up. It's kind of hard to regroup when you are still Mom but no longer Mommy! :) Enjoy these moments! They fly!

  6. the identity of "mama" is a GREAT one!