Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Yarn Along :: May 2

Making some progress on the sweater.....although the needles are so small I feel like I am going to snap them. To {hopefully} make some progress in my knitting this month I have set a few goals of things I would like to get done. Maybe having something to new to show each week will motivate me.

As for reading, I finally finished all the books that were in progress. I am now reading What the World Eats. Such an absolutely fascinating, eye-opening read. Really hoping I can get my hands on the other books the authors have compiled. I am also reading Radical. After all the good things I have heard about it I am really looking forward to getting into it. Most nights I can only get a page or two before sleep claims me.

Head over to small things for more inspiration. 


  1. Will have to check this book out! Thanks.

  2. what pattern is that? Must be very tiny needles, huh? I can't wait to see how it shapes up! What great reads!

    1. It's the pattern from World Vision Knit for Kids. It's a very simple pattern. You can download it from their site.

  3. Wow! I checked out "Radical" and it sounds really interesting. Thanks for sharing, it's on my must read list.