Friday, June 29, 2012

Five Minute Friday :: Dance

Wife. Mama. Homeschooler. Christ follower. A woman trying to find herself. How in all the world to balance it all?

How to fulfill the desires, pursue the passions that God has laid on my heart? How does one find the rhythm of life that God has set for her?

Listening to the beat. Following the Master.

All of life is a series of steps. Two forward, one back. A couple to the side. If I follow the Teacher's steps, in the end it will end up as a beautiful dance.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Only Requirement

As I reduce, He is enough. As I simplify, He is enough. He is my portion where food and clothes and comfort fall woefully short. He can heal me from greed and excess materialism, and pride, selfishness, and envy. While my earthly treasures and creature comforts will fail me, Jesus is more than enough. In my privileged world where "need" and "want" have become indistinguishable, my only true requirement is the sweet presence of Jesus.

Yarn Along :: June 27

For a bit of change from the sweater I cast on for a baby blanket for a dear friend back home. It's an easy knit that I can take to the park or wherever now that we are actually having some warm weather. The sweater also got a little love this week too. It's just a bit monotonous after a while.

In other knitting news I am attempting to find some patterns for some Christmas projects that I want to start. I am pretty much the slowest knitter so if I start now they should be done by December right? Anyway, does anyone have some good patterns for a monster and an owl? 

As for reading, I finished up 7 and was so impacted. Great book. Now I am reading Changeling and Fast Living. And bits of Educating the WholeHearted Child....good inspiration for planning out our school year. 

Have a lovely week!
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Monday, June 25, 2012

Counting His Unending Gifts :: June 25

There are some happenings in life that are not so happy. They are the difficult, life-altering things that come up. Yet, rather than focus on ugliness or my lack of control I choose to look to Him, to speak gratitude for all He gives, to rest fully in His grace.

More of the unending gifts poured out......

resting in God's promises
choosing Him over anxiety
low prolactin levels
amazing grace
picnic lunches
fresh lavender
no more physical therapy for my little man
answered prayers
raging thunderstorms
sunlight breaking through clouds
{over} abundance of dried lavender (my dear girl loves to give me gifts)
iced chai latte and my kindle....alone
Shrek marathons
Seven Sacred Pauses.....a rhythm for our days

Friday, June 22, 2012

Five Minute Friday :: Risk

Risk. It's not just jumping out of planes. Or starting a new home business. Or being in combat. It's not even leaving all you know and are comfy with to follow your hubby across the world. (and that last one was a bit terrifying to this lady, but it's been fun)

It can be as simple as choosing to say no. To live outside society's idea of normal. It can be saying no to consumerism. It is choosing to love until your heart is full to bursting. And that includes your neighbor....even those half a world away. It is following God's plan even though it sounds ridiculously crazy (even to yourself).

And although it's scary or a tad bit weird or not "normal" the lesson in the risk is always worth it. Here's to embracing the risk. 
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Yarn Along :: June 20

Some slight progress has been made over the last couple of weeks. Between family visiting and taking them all over Western/Southern Germany, finishing up the school year, and car issues there was not a lot of knitting that got done. But in a few spare moments I was able to add in a few rows. From the small amount that is done I am so far loving the colors.

As for reading that has also been kind of slow. I just finished Mortal by Ted Dekker. Great book (although there were numerous typo that drove me nuts) and now I just have to wait a year for the third book. :) I am also reading 7. Only partway through that one, but it is a very interesting read and I love Jen Hatmaker's style of writing. And I love the motivation behind the minimalism she chooses. We already have so much while others have so little. It's good to step into their shoes for a while.

Hoping that in the next couple of months there will be more time for knitting and reading since we are free from the normal rhythm of our days. I so love the relaxed pace of summer.

Now off to start our day and then hopefully get some time to peruse all the blogs joining in the yarn along. I have so missed all the inspiration and community these past weeks. 
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Monday, June 18, 2012

Counting His Unending Gifts :: June 18

Paying attention to our lives is a way to pay thanks to our Lord.
~Ann Voskamp

helpful older siblings
mementos of a trip
clean house and full fridge
one last splurge
loving on daddies
Love of my Father
light playing over fields
food for feathered friends
fresh growth in the garden

Friday, June 15, 2012

It's a Small World After All.....

Our world grows ever smaller as technology and travel advance. Children today live in a very different world where they interact with many from different cultures, religions, what have you. And as they navigate their way around this world it is vitally important that they be aware of the differences and have compassion for their fellow man.

Global awareness is a passion of mine and one that we try to instill in our kids. Over at Simple Homeschool there are some fantastic ideas on how to build global awareness in your child. Fantastic read. And for a more personal way to instill global awareness you could sponsor a sweet child like Jen over at 4tunate. Beautiful post. (and a side note on is one of the simplest ways to touch a life. and it really doesn't cost all that much. maybe just don't buy some coffee or a magazine or whatever it is each week you can't do without and bless another. some options are world vision and compassion.) And just one more that I stumbled across this afternoon....a lovely article on the Huffington Post about raising global citizens.

Have a blessed weekend as you enjoy your corner of the world. 

Five Minute Friday :: Path

some of the ones who keep life interesting

As a young girl I planned on going to college, becoming a lawyer, and living a fantastic life.

Then as a teenager life suddenly veered off course. Pregnant, in an abusive relationship, desperately lonely. All the plans that had been made were changed and just surviving the day was paramount.

Fast forward a couple years and once more my life path changed dramatically. Only this time, instead of my own choices causing change it was God's beautiful grace.

This new path of life I lead is nothing like what I had mapped out as a young woman. It's challenging, exciting, and so very full and beautiful. And I am choosing to embrace it to the matter what detours lie ahead.

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(so thankful for this prompt today. after a couple weeks away from blogging this was a lovely way to jump back in.) 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Counting His Unending Gifts :: June 11

Oh, it's been a full couple of weeks. Family has been visiting and we've been traveling all around Germany with them. Tons of fun, but really ready for life to be back to normal (whatever that is). As we've had this complete change from normal life though many of God's blessings have really stood out.

the beauty and freedom of staying at home with my children
watching the rain come down on the Alps
rustic rockers
God given peace
shared beliefs and goals with the man
time away to really appreciate home
ancient castles
beautiful abbeys
flowers from the king's garden

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Five Minute Friday :: See

The parents are visiting. We have spent the time traveling around Europe and reminiscing. As we have done these things my eyes have been opened.

I am seeing for the first time how Americans are perceived in many places overseas as I watch my parents travel.

I am seeing how very different our views of the past are and how some continue to hold tight to the hurt and mistakes.

I am seeing how I have become my own person, with my own identity and views from my parents.

It has been saddening and freeing at the same time. Seeing the growth away from what I was raised in is scary, but it opens me to so much.....more beauty, chances, culture, relationship, life.

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Survive 125

In the developed world we have no idea what those who live in poverty really face. Their day to day life seem so far removed and we don't fully understand all the challenges that they face.

58: has created a game, called Survive125, that allows you to see what it's like to live on a $1.25 a day and to see if you can survive the month. It is an eyeopening experience.

If you have some free time this weekend I encourage you to check it out.