Monday, June 25, 2012

Counting His Unending Gifts :: June 25

There are some happenings in life that are not so happy. They are the difficult, life-altering things that come up. Yet, rather than focus on ugliness or my lack of control I choose to look to Him, to speak gratitude for all He gives, to rest fully in His grace.

More of the unending gifts poured out......

resting in God's promises
choosing Him over anxiety
low prolactin levels
amazing grace
picnic lunches
fresh lavender
no more physical therapy for my little man
answered prayers
raging thunderstorms
sunlight breaking through clouds
{over} abundance of dried lavender (my dear girl loves to give me gifts)
iced chai latte and my kindle....alone
Shrek marathons
Seven Sacred Pauses.....a rhythm for our days


  1. Amen and amen! Ah... these wandering eyes. May I fix my eyes on the Gift-giver and give hard thanks...

  2. That is such a beautiful photograph! Picnic lunches sound so fun! Answered prayers... how sweet they are!

  3. Blog hopping through the Multitudes On Mondays posts... let us keep looking for God's grace through the difficult times... praying your continue to see his blessings everywhere.