Friday, June 15, 2012

Five Minute Friday :: Path

some of the ones who keep life interesting

As a young girl I planned on going to college, becoming a lawyer, and living a fantastic life.

Then as a teenager life suddenly veered off course. Pregnant, in an abusive relationship, desperately lonely. All the plans that had been made were changed and just surviving the day was paramount.

Fast forward a couple years and once more my life path changed dramatically. Only this time, instead of my own choices causing change it was God's beautiful grace.

This new path of life I lead is nothing like what I had mapped out as a young woman. It's challenging, exciting, and so very full and beautiful. And I am choosing to embrace it to the matter what detours lie ahead.

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(so thankful for this prompt today. after a couple weeks away from blogging this was a lovely way to jump back in.) 

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  1. Love it! "Choosing to embrace it to the fullest!" awesome quote! So encouraging thank you.