Friday, June 15, 2012

It's a Small World After All.....

Our world grows ever smaller as technology and travel advance. Children today live in a very different world where they interact with many from different cultures, religions, what have you. And as they navigate their way around this world it is vitally important that they be aware of the differences and have compassion for their fellow man.

Global awareness is a passion of mine and one that we try to instill in our kids. Over at Simple Homeschool there are some fantastic ideas on how to build global awareness in your child. Fantastic read. And for a more personal way to instill global awareness you could sponsor a sweet child like Jen over at 4tunate. Beautiful post. (and a side note on is one of the simplest ways to touch a life. and it really doesn't cost all that much. maybe just don't buy some coffee or a magazine or whatever it is each week you can't do without and bless another. some options are world vision and compassion.) And just one more that I stumbled across this afternoon....a lovely article on the Huffington Post about raising global citizens.

Have a blessed weekend as you enjoy your corner of the world. 

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