Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Yarn Along :: June 20

Some slight progress has been made over the last couple of weeks. Between family visiting and taking them all over Western/Southern Germany, finishing up the school year, and car issues there was not a lot of knitting that got done. But in a few spare moments I was able to add in a few rows. From the small amount that is done I am so far loving the colors.

As for reading that has also been kind of slow. I just finished Mortal by Ted Dekker. Great book (although there were numerous typo that drove me nuts) and now I just have to wait a year for the third book. :) I am also reading 7. Only partway through that one, but it is a very interesting read and I love Jen Hatmaker's style of writing. And I love the motivation behind the minimalism she chooses. We already have so much while others have so little. It's good to step into their shoes for a while.

Hoping that in the next couple of months there will be more time for knitting and reading since we are free from the normal rhythm of our days. I so love the relaxed pace of summer.

Now off to start our day and then hopefully get some time to peruse all the blogs joining in the yarn along. I have so missed all the inspiration and community these past weeks. 
joining in with small things


  1. I love the colours, too.
    I hope you enjoy your Summer - I'm looking forward to days with less of a schedule.