Friday, July 6, 2012

Five Minute Friday :: Story

at bastogne

Books are an escape. A way to live a life I dream of. To flee from those too hard moments in life. Just to entertain myself. Or fill the void of loneliness when the hubby is gone yet again. Even to handle huge life changes.

Yet, in the escape the real story gets passed by. My story. These travels around the globe; the moments of pure joy at being a complete family (at least for the next 18 months...the longest he's ever been home); cuddling, teaching, laughing with, and loving on these precious babes; fully sacrificing my plans for His. Just living in the everyday moments of this life. That is a good story.

So, the book gets put down. And I embrace life. I live the story written for me....

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  1. Oh enjoy this gift of time...and yes...just living everyday moments is a good story. blessings to you~

  2. Love the way you described the tendency we all have toward "escape" . . . and how the REAL story trumps it every time.

    He is truly the Author (and finisher) of our story and our faith!

  3. embrace life. live the story. what a beautiful post! (and is your hubby gone right now? I wanna give you a hug....)

    May you savor His grace this weekend. So honored to meet you today via Lisa Jo's place!

    1. Nikki, no my honey is not gone at this time. Thankfully he has been assigned a special duty that will keep him here for the next 18 months. Well, more like 16 now. It's the longest he's been home ever and we are loving every moment.