Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Yarn Along :: July 11

Knitting and reading have been my source of peace the past couple of weeks. This mama needed a stress relief. Something about knit and purl and the written word is like a balm for my soul.

my little helper this morning

On the knitting front the blanket for my friend's little one is coming along nicely. Very simple knit that I can do anywhere. Also, I added a couple more rows to one of the sweaters. Now I am to the point of needing to add the sleeves. After some research on the best way I decided on the loop cast-on method. (Thank you Techknitting!) Between that and the slipped stitches I am steadily improving my knitting repertoire. :) And the Christmas list is slowly being fleshed out. Really need to get to ordering all the yarn.

As for reading I have been working my way through multiple books lately. Fast Living, Women in the Material World, Lone Wolf, and Wuthering Heights have all been in rotation. Usually the fiction is reserved for bedtime so I can just unwind. Although the heavy subject matter of Lone Wolf made that a bit difficult....great read though. Both the non-fiction books are absolutely fascinating. Definitely must-reads. 

Well, now off for a fun filled summer day. And maybe later perusing all the inspiration over at small things


  1. So much knitting and purling-how wonderful. I do hope you will share how the sleeves turn out. That design part of sweaters always puts me on edge. Enjoy your day!

  2. Yay for knitting progress!